WYK Sorbents, LLC is a certified small woman owned business since 2005.

Made in America is a given at WYK Sorbents. All of our sorbents are mined, processed, packaged in the USA with American Labor.

Established in 1967 Upright, Inc. introduced the Original Upright Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent. Developed to keep the butcher ”Upright”,  as many injury accidents in meat processing plants and butcher shops in the 60’s were caused by the butcher slipping on the oily, greasy, slippery floors.

In late 1983 this one product line company developed and introduced some of the most unique and efficient sorbent products available today. These products helped to develop an industry around spill cleanup and safe, dry floors.

In October of 2005 Upright, Inc. was purchased by Carol Dunn whose extensive merchandising experience with Standard Brands, Joske’s, Sand Point Floral and Revlon is propelling the expansion of WYK Sorbent, LLC. WYK Sorbents now offers over 200 sorbent products and even more with accessories and spill kits.

WYK offers you “more suck for your buck”, Great Customer Service, Fast shipping and risk free buying! (WYK Sorbents suck or we’ll take them back!) We appreciate your trust in WYK Sorbents and promise to work hard to keep earning your trust.

     Carol Dunn, Owner, WYK Sorbents, LLC