WYK Sorbent Socks and Pillows


 WYK Sorbent Socks & Pillows Absorb Water, Oil and everything in between


Lightweight  –  Super Fast  –  High Capacity

Absorbs up to 14 to 20 times it’s own weight   Use Less = Less to dispose of.

Universal, Safe for use on all liquids except (hf) hydrofluoric acid.

Retains & Solidifies Liquids meeting PFT & TCLP tests.

Will not burn, reduces fire hazards, inhibits vaporization.

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Sorbent Sock Specs

Item #DescriptionQuantity/palletCapacity* Ship Weight 
6004" X 4' Sorbent Sock packed 15 socks per case30109
6064" X 6' Sorbent Sock packed 10 socks per case301010
6084" X 8' Sorbent Sock packed 6 socks per case3087
6104" X 10' Sorbent Sock packed 6 socks per case301010
6124" X 12' Sorbent Sock packed 10 socks per case162018

Sorbent Pillow Specs

Item #DescriptionQuantity/palletCapacity* Ship Weight 
64110" X 10" Sorbent Pillow packed 15 socks per case30109641 Pillow
64010" X 18" Sorbent Pillow packed 20 socks per case162021641 Pillow
460Drip Pans (3) and 12 replaceable pillows30712
670WYK Universal Chemical Particulate/Solidifier 4 Cu Ft Bag331812



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