Spill Response & Cleanup Trailer #9012

Typical contents of our 7′ X 12′ Universal (Haz-Mat) Spill Response & Cleanup Trailer #9012


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Stock No.DescriptionQuantity / TrailerAbsorbs Up To (US Gal)
UNS12Universal Neutralizing Sorbent in 2 Qt. shaker cartons 12/case1 Case4.8
7704Oil Selective Pads 19" X 15" 100/bale2 Bales62
750Oil Selective Booms 5" X 10 4/bale4 Bales120
745Oil Selective Booms 8" X 10 4/bale2 Bales72
7818Oil Selective Pillows 18" X 18" X 2" 24/case1 Case24
780Oil Selective Socks 3" X 4' 12/case1 Case10
600Universal Chemical Socks 4" X 4' 15/case1 Case10
640Universal Chemical Pillows 10" X 18' 20/case1 Case20
450Universal Chemical Booms 5" X 10' 4/bale1bale24
500Safety Sorbent 2 Qt. Shaker Cartons 12/case2 Cases8
510Safety Sorbent 25 Lb Bag4 Bags12
2545Containment Barrier Socks 4" X 4' 6/case2 Cases18
4404Universal Sorbent Pads 19" X 15" 100/Bale 2 Bales62
222Universal Sorbent Poly Socks
3" X 4' 30/case
4 Case60
90420 Gallon UN/DOT Disposal Drum1 Drum
90695 Gallon Overpack UN/DOT drum1 Drum
9570Caution Tape Roll 1000 ft.1 Roll
9530First Aid Kit1 Kit
957No Spark Shovel1 Shovel
CP550Drum Patch Kit1 Kit
915Large Yellow Disposal Bags w/ties100 Bags
963A36" X 36" Drain Cover1
9543Fire Extinguishers1

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