Neutralizing Spill Response Kits

Custom Kits are our specialty, designed for your specific application without delay or additional costs

Choose from the most popular Spill Response kits listed or request a free quote for site specific kit to meet your needs.

Choose Neutralizing/Encapsulating Spill Clean Up Kits:


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Stock No.DescriptionNeutralizes & Absorbs Up ToShip Weight 
AS1503AcidSafe Mini Spill Kit 4 per kit
.2/kit .8/case12AN1503
AS3105Screw Top White 6.5 gallon UN/DOT pail spill kit1.219
AS3100Wall Mount Metal Cabinet Spill Station.619AS3100 AcidSafe Cabinet
AS3120Heavy Duty 20 Gallon UN/DOT Drum spill kit242AcidSafe Kit 20 Gal Drum
AS3200Wall mount spill station. with counter broom & dust pan.813
AS3201Wall mount spill station. with Telescoping handle brush and dust pan.814
AS1503-1Battery Acid Spill Kit - Mini .21AN1503


Liquid AcidSafe

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Stock No.DescriptionShip Weight 
AL3201AcidSafe Tool Box Battery Spill Kit10 lbs.AL3105 Battery Spill Kit


UNS (Universal)

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Stock No.DescriptionAbsorbs / Neutralizes Up ToShip Weight 
UNS1503Mini Spill Kit
4 kits per case
.40 / Kit
1.6 / Case
UNS3100Wall Mount Metal Spill Cabinet1.225
UNS3105UN/DOT Screw Top Pail Spill Kit1.624
UNS3120UN/DOT Lab Pack Drum Spill Kit2.442
UNS3200Wall Mount Wire Rack Spill Station with a counter broom & dust pan1.622
UNS3201Wall Mount Wire Rack Spill Station with telescoping handle brush & dust pan1.624UNS3201 Spill Station
1505HFHydrofluoric Acid Spill Kit 5 Gal pail1505HF




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