Neutralizing, Indicating Sorbents


All WYK NeuNeutralizer-vialsWtralizing, indicating sorbents provide a color change indication when in contact with acidic or basic liquids. This color changes again when a safe PH range has been achieved. What makes WYK Neutralizers really stand out from other neutralizers are:



  • Safe to use, buffered compound reduces volatile vapors and heat

  • Sorbent compound makes clean up easy and a snap!

  • No  sticky hard to cleanup mess as experienced with straight neutralizers

  • Complete solidification of all hazardous constituents       


WYK offers three types of neutralizers, please SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE to view details of all three types:


   1)   ACIDSAFE

Dry sorbent neutralizes and provides a color change indication when neutral PH has been reached. Easy cleanup when cooled.

Simple & safe to use, AcidSafe neutralizing sorbent incorporates buffers and solidifiers making cleanup a breeze. Violent reactions are minimized, vapor release is virtually eliminated and pick up of the neutralized compound after neutralization is easy, complete and totally safe.

ACIDSAFE Neutralizer Color Bars

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Item #DescriptionQuantity/PackCapacity* Ship Weight 
AN30242 Lb. Shaker Carton
AN303030 Lbs. flip top pail1333AN3035 AcidSafe 3035
AN303535 Lbs Screw Top UN/DOT 6.5 Gal Pail13.536AN3030 sm
AN308080 Lbs. 20 Gallon UN/DOT Drum1890AN3080
AN3220220 Lbs 55 Gallon Plastic Drum122235AN3220



Neutralizing , degreasing liquid cleans and neutralizes batteries, battery trays and anywhere electrolyte has splattered or spilled. Includes color change indicator.

AcidSafe Battery Wash is a heavy duty neutralizing degreaser that neutralizes acid residue and boil over while cleaning your battery terminals and case. Environmentally friendly hand pump spray makes use a breeze. Purple liquid changes color to an orange/yellow when in contact with acids. It turns back to purple when it has been neutralized.

ACIDSAFE Neutralizing Color Bars

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Stock No.DescriptionCase QtyShip Weight 
AN3300AcidSafe 32 oz pump spray bottle (1 qt)
AN3301AcidSafe 32 oz pump spray bottle (1 qt) in a shipper box
AN3304AcidSafe Neutralizing/indicating Liquid in 1 Gal Bottles
AN3305AcidSafe Neutralizing/indicating Liquid in 5 Gal Dispenser cube
AN3355AcidSafe Neutralizing/indicating Liquid in 55 Gal Drum



SAFE FOR UNKNOWN LIQUIDS! Solidifies, neutralizes BASIC AND ACIDIC liquids, provides a color indication of the liquids PH and changes when neutralized and solidified.

UNS (Universal Neutralizing Sorbent) is safe to use on all liquids. The perfect solution for unknown liquid spills. Helps to identify the liquid with color indicators showing if the liquid is a base or an acid. UNS will neutralize both bases and acids minimizing vapors and solidify the liquid. When neutralized UNS will color indicate when a safe PH range has been reached.

UNS Neutralizing ColorBarsWeb button-V2 BLK Catalog page     Web button-V2 BLK SDS     Web button-V2 BLK SAMPLE

Item #DescriptionQty/PkSorbs Up To
(US Gal/Pk)
Ship Weight 
UNS4Four Pack of 2 qt Shaker Cartons41.514UNS4
UNS12Twelve Pack 2 qt. Shaker Carton124.538UNS12
UNS55.3 Gallon Flip Top Pail, 25 Lbs13.2528UNS5
UNS2525 Lbs in a multi-wall kraft bag14.527UNS25 Bag



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