WYK Safety Sorbent used on a road spill






WYK Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent, 500 Series

                                                             In use since 1967!

The safest and most cost effective method to cleanup nuisance oil spill and drips is with WYK Safety Sorbent. Unlike other granular sorbents, WYK Safety Sorbent is instant acting immediately soaking up liquids for instant pick up leaving a completely dry, safe floor.

Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent



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With common clay type granular sorbents, it’s commonplace to just throw down the sorbent and leave it and walk it in. All this does is create a unsightly and dangerous mess on the floor. A real slip accident waiting to happen.

When using sorbent pads & rolls, when you pick them up a small amount of WYK Safety Sorbent will finish the job and completely dry the floor.

WYK Offer several types of Granular Sorbents. For more info click the link below:

500 Series Anti-Slip Safety Sorbent (The Original!)

2000 Series Super Sorbent (Ergonomic design, lighter weight, more absorbent)

2600 Series Scented Sorbent (Oil of Cherry/Wintergreen scent) for odorous liquids

800 Series FluidLoc, for aqueous liquids and blood & body fluids (super absorbent polymer)

Granular Neutralizers, Acids