AcidSafe Shaker Carton


AcidSafe Neutralizing Sorbent is the Safe and Efficient method to neutralize and cleanup acid spills.

ACIDSAFE contains a color indicator that provides a visible color change to indicate neutralization



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Safe to Use

 AcidSafe is a buffered neutralizer that reduces the amount of heat generated during neutralization. This minimizes the amount of toxic vapors being emitted. This compound also solidifies the liquid and allows for easy pick up from the floor.

Easy to Use

After proper PPE outfitting, simply apply acidSafe around the spill and over the liquid. Observe the color change to orangish yellow and when this return back to purple the liquid is neutralized and safe for pickup.

Environmentally Friendly

Once the acidic liquid is neutralized, the solidified compound is normally safe for disposal. The sorbent material will hold onto the liquids without releasing them  in the environment at a later date, This protect your liability down the road as well as protecting the environment for future generations to come.

OSHA Accepted

AcidSafe Neutralizers helps you to meet the regulatory requirements of OSHA 1926.441 and 1910.178.  OSHA inspectors love to see AcidSafe & AcidSafe Spill Stations in all recharging areas. Being prepared for that unexpected spill is a must in battery recharging areas.



Choose the package to meet your needs

Item #DescriptionQuantity/PackCapacity* Ship Weight 
AN30242 Lb. Shaker Carton
AN303030 Lbs. flip top pail1333AN3035 AcidSafe 3035
AN303535 Lbs Screw Top UN/DOT 6.5 Gal Pail13.536AN3030 sm
AN308080 Lbs. 20 Gallon UN/DOT Drum1890AN3080
AN3220220 Lbs 55 Gallon Plastic Drum122235AN3220


Ideal for forklift and pallet truck battery charging stations

Neutralization verified by a color change indication

Suited for any areas with acid spill exposure

Helps you meet OSHA 1926.441 & 1910.178