About WYK Sorbents, LLC

WYK Sorbents, LLC was founded in 1967 under the name of  Upright, Inc.  A company well known in the food and meat processing industries, where our anti-slip/
Safety Sorbent have helped protect workers since 1967.

The product line expanded in 1987 as Upright entered the Industrial market. Twenty years of experience was put into the development of the new full-line offering of WYK Universal (Chemical) Sorbents, WYK Oil Selective Sorbents and WYK Facility Maintenance Sorbents. In the fall of 2005, Upright, Inc. was sold and the Company name was changes to WYK Sorbents, LLC.

Whether your concern is hazardous and aggressive fluids, oils or water, WYK Sorbents will meet or exceed your everyday needs, as well as your challenging and critical applications. WYK Sorbents is centrally located in the center of the USA, St. Louis, MO providing efficient transportation  solution throughout the USA and Canada.

WYK Sorbents, LLC sets tough quality control and customer service standards. The company has a  superior service focus. We stand behind our products to perform as advertised and back that with 100% money back guarantee!

WYK Sorbents motto is  E T D B W  (Easy To Do Business With) Find out just how easy for yourself and try our products free of charge!

Call Us with any question you may have at 800-248-7007

Email Us: WYK@wyksorbents.com

Fax Us: 314-426-0145

US Mail Address: 11721 Lackland Road

St. Louis, MO 63146  USA

  • Field Proven Sorbent Products Since 1967
  • Unique Technologies that solve cleanup issues

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