Oil selective spill kits soak up only the oils and other petroleum based liquids. Ideal around marinas and waterways and anyplace an oil spill could occur outdoors. Reject rain and other water based liquids. Floats on water even after saturation.

Item #DescriptionCapacity* Ship
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kit contents
1701Vehicle Spill Kit - Oil8860Tote Bag Spill Kit
1702Clear Zippered Bag - Oil9860Universal Spill Kit in Vinyl Zipper Bag
17056.5 Gal white screw top UN/DOT pail - Oil9940
171414 Gallon Yellow UN/DOT Drum - Oil162418Universal Spill Kit in 14 Gal Lab Pack
172020 Gallon Yellow UN/DOT Drum - Oil182712
173130 Gallon UN/DOT Drum - Oil264712Universal Spill Kit in 30 gallon drum
175555 Gallon Yellow Plastic Drum - Oil70658
176565 Gallon Yellow UN/DOT Overpack Drum - Oil82.51053Universal 65 Gallon Spill kit
179595 Gallon Yellow UN/DOT Overpack Drum - Oil911152Universal Spill Kit in a 95 gallon drum


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