FluidLoc Body Fluid Clean-Up Kit

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Use FluidLoc Blood & Body Fluid Clean-Up Kits

Now everything you need to safely cleanup any type of bodily fluids available in easy to use kit form. Single and multiple use kits include disinfectant meeting criteria of CDC Interim Guidance for Environmental Infection Control for Ebola and other Viruses.


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FluidLoc Kits

FluidLoc Spill Kit Stock #:852086268505
8520 FluidLoc Single Use Disposable kit8526 FluidLoc Deluxe Spill KitIndustrial Blood Spill Cleanup Kit
FluidLoc Sorbent(1) 4 OZ Bottle(2) 4 Oz Bottles(1) 3 Lb Shaker Carton
Cavacide Disinfectant surface spray 2 oz Pump Spray Bottle2 oz Pump Spray Bottle24 oz Pump Spray Bottle
Cavacide Disinfectant surface wipe1 ea1 ea3 ea
Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner Towel1 ea1 ea3 ea
Clean Up ToolsPlastic scraper / scoopPlastic scraper / scoopMini-Broom & Dust Pan
Bio Hazard Disposal Bag(s)1 ea1 ea(3) Large 30 Gal bags
Absorbent Pads 19" X 15"003 ea
PPE SET - (Gloves, Goggles, Apron, Shoe Coves, Face Shield & Mask1 Set1 Set3 Sets
Kit Container1/2 Gallon Gable Top Carton1/2 Gallon Gable Top Carton5.3 Gallon Flip Top Lid Pail


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